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admin: hello!
Mic Check: Is this thing on?
DaBitch: It certainly is. Bark freely but be nice :)
The counter : below is in development, but if you're reading rthis you're here and that's what really counts!
רייב טרויאני : מסיבות בטחוניות שאטלים מנוקטורנו בבצלאל 7,.
פו פו פולרויד: וואי כמה זמן לא ביקרתי באתר!! איזה יופי! למרות שאני די מתגעגע לאתר הישן
האתר בישן: עדיין עובד, אם נקבל פה מספיק בקשות נעשה עיצוב נוסטלגי
צוצה: מהמם כאן. מזל שאתם קיימים. וואף!
FAQ: What is the technology? How does this happen?
yonialone: נועם יש בג. הכפתור של לוח השנה לא עובד, וגם אי אפשר לראות מה קורא במהלך כל השבוע. אבל את מציל לי את האבא עם האתר הזה!
DaBitch: כן, יש בג בלפטופים עם מסך מגע. מקווה שיעבור עד האביב!
ניצן: היי, איך מפרסמים כאן אירוע?:)
DaBitch: תשלחי מייל לjerus@lemite.org
Warren: ההופעה הערב בצוללת מבוטלת
תודה על התיקון: הערב הסתיים. ההופעות חזרו לסדרן
PechaKucha Jeru: How do we add our next event here? Jan 25th!
To join : send a mail to jerus@lemite.org
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Jerusalem's art, culture and community events are fascinating, unique and usually hard to find. We want to engage the public in everything happening in Jerusalem -- From student parties, underground raves, music, dance, theatre, crafts and second-hand sales, gallery and museum talks, tours and more. We want Jerusalemites and visitors to meet in real life and experience all cultures, people, streets, sounds, scents and meanings of this occasionally blessed city.

Messy.Boat was developed with the kind support of the Jerusalem Foundation, and operates as part of Bar-Kayma for Culture, Art, Music and Peace (RA).

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"Messy.Boat.Bitch.On.Yacht" was established in 2002 by Noam Kuzar and Eran Zachs as a weekly fanzine publicizing cultural events in Jerusalem. In the beginning it was supported by HaZira and since 2005 was published independently with the support of local pubs and businesses. The same year, with no fund whatsoever, our first website was built by Noam Kuzar and Ivan Maletin and published over 25,000 events between 2005-2011. The printed version discontinued in 2007 but the website provided listings for local independent media outlets such as "Assimon" magazine, "Hatula" and more. In 2014 a geographical pilot of the current platform was developed as part of "Beita" artists' residency, along with Yair Assaf-Shapira and Anat Litwin as artistic director. The current version is still under development with the kind support of the Eyal Sher and Atcha Bar, Cultural Directors of the Jerusalem Foundation. And special thanks to Suave.

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